Tieks- The Best Teacher Shoe

Teachers have some pretty wild fashion stereotypes. (Think- tacky plastic earrings to commemorate every minor holiday, solid color velour mumus, and cardigans that would be too conservative- even for Grandma). While some of them may ring true, I’m here to talk about the chicest (and comfiest) teacher shoes.

My Ballerina Pink Tieks are the comfiest shoes in my closet. It feels like I’m wearing slippers whenever I have them on, and that is crucial as I bop around my first-grade classroom each day. I need to be able to navigate the rug during Morning Meeting without fear that my heels will accidentally crush some adorable little hand. Wearing heels in a first-grade classroom can seriously be dangerous. (Maybe slightly exaggerated, but still…)

I also love how Tieks can be worn with something  casual, like leggings and a sweater, or dressed up with a dress and blazer combination for those days I need to look a bit more polished.

Let’s talk about the pink elephant in the room (pun completely intended)- the price tag. In my opinion, Tieks are an investment piece. To me, a shoe that can be dressed up or down is worth an investment. They can take you from the classroom to Happy Hour. The shoes in the Classics Collection are $175 and come in a huge variety of colors. Tieks are the kind of shoe that will last for years. They’re extremely durable while also remaining flexible. Furthermore, that signature blue bottom is there for a reason. The outsole provides traction and shock absorption, which is what makes them so comfortable to walk in for extended periods of time. If you’re contemplating getting a pair of Tieks, just do it. Your feet will thank you.


10 thoughts on “Tieks- The Best Teacher Shoe

  1. Thanks for reading, Bev! They absolutely have more arch support than any other flats I own. That being said, if you are looking for shoes with significant arch support, I’m not sure any flats would give you that. <3

  2. 16 pairs is certainly more than I thought I’d ever own. I figured I’d buy one pair and that would be it. I liked my first pair so much I bought 2 more pairs 4 days later. Besides the comfort and cuteness of Tieks, I love all the colors that are available. I still don’t own a black pair. I love every color I own. These are my sapphires, they were my first pair. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b2efd0a32cda08d07f8604730fc647a8bda65bd56f269524fb7a14486d5381a4.jpg

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