Goodbye, Lash Extensions!

I swore by lash extensions. Like actually thought I couldn’t look good without them. I had them on-and-off for about three years. I would get them taken off and noticed little or no damage to my regular lashes. This is the main reason I kept getting them done. Why not? It wasn’t like I was hurting my natural lashes.

Emily, who I know from childhood and even had as a roommate post-college, has been selling Rodan&Fields for years. I was all into her launching a super successful business, but I was never into the products. In February, she was running a promotion where I could get LashBoost for $20 off. I did the math and figured one tube of LashBoost was roughly the same cost as two fills with lash extensions. I removed my lash extensions and committed to trying LashBoost for three months.

I remember looking at Ben after the second time I used LashBoost and saying, “Did they grow yet?” He looked at me like I was crazy. Low and behold, just three weeks later I was messaging Emily to show her a picture of my lashes- they were already thicker and longer. “Oh, just wait…” she kept saying. This picture below was taken after three months of using LashBoost nightly before going to bed. I have one coat of Benefit BadGalBang mascara on.

Now, I use LashBoost two or three times each week. The tube that I originally purchased still has a ton left. I am shocked at how generous the “three month supply” has been as it has lasted me nearly four. Most days I don’t even wear mascara to work. I simply brush and curl my lashes. I can’t believe I’m typing these words, but I don’t intend to get extensions put on before my wedding in July.

If you’re looking for a way to achieve thicker, longer lashes- LashBoost is the way to go. (And for the record, this post is not sponsored!) That being said, if you’re looking to try LashBoost, reach out to Emily. She is super knowledgeable about the products and not pushy about selling products. (This is always a huge deal for me!)

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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I’m so excited to partner with some of my local blogger friends to bring you the gift guide that is linked above. Each of us picked one higher-priced item ($50 &up) and one lower-priced item (less than $50). I absolutely love what everyone picked. A big, special thank you to Helen from Style Inherited for creating all of these gorgeous graphics for the gift guide. Be sure to check out her blog post here.

A great option for mom is a fleece from Dudley Stephens. My sister, who is a pregnant toddler mom (aka a saint), lives in her DS fleeces. Not only do DS fleeces make great momiforms, you can dress them up, too. I often wear my Park Slope to work. The Highland High-Low Top is one of my favorite fits since it has a front pocket. I always recommend sizing up with Dudley Stephens fleeces.

I also rounded up a few more Mother’s Day picks below…including a pair of the best foldable, budget-friendly ballet flats from Stamford-based Talaria. I’ve been wearing mine for about a month now and get compliments wherever I go. At less than $40 a pair, they’re a major steal that your mom will love.