Wednesday Wishlist 3/15

All I wanted to do this past Sunday was take a few pictures outside in my new spring dresses. Then, I realized the mounds of snow wouldn’t exactly match all the fun, bright colors. Nothing ruins a picture like a muddy mess of half-melted snow. So, I decided to create spring at home. Thanks to some sunny flowers, I pretended spring was actually here. I’ve gone a bit wild buying shift dresses lately. The reason being- I can wear them to work and to all the daytime events I have this spring.

Let’s talk brands- Lilly Pulitzer makes your standard (and amazing) shift dress. I have a shift dress from freshmen year in college that I still wear. Lilly is my tried and true, go-to brand. That being said, I’ve been challenging myself to branch out.

My latest favorite brand is Elizabeth McKay. (I absolutely swoon over every item on the website) The Ginger Dress (pictured above) was on major sale. I scored a dress and a gorgeous tunic for under $150. It is beautifully made with the most incredible detailing. As crazy as this sounds, I think you can tell a lot about a dress by the zipper. And the zippers on Elizabeth McKay dresses are top notch. The pieces from Elizabeth McKay will last me for years. The design is also simple and timeless, yet super flattering.

And yes, my new-found love-affair with Elizabeth McKay is completely personal. Elizabeth’s son is currently in my first-grade class. He totally giggled when I told him I ordered some great things from his mom’s company. (Anything to make the kids smile, right?)

Splendid Spoon- Health and Convenience

If you watched my Instagram stories, you saw how excited I was to try Splendid Spoon last week. Splendid Spoon delivers plant-based smoothies and soups right to your door. Their products are vegan and gluten-free.

My first thought upon opening the box- “Oh my gosh! How am I going to eat all this soup before it goes bad?” You can freeze the soups and simply thaw them when you’re ready to eat. Crisis averted!

Now on to the good stuff—Splendid Spoon has 13 different smoothie blends. My favorites were the AB&J and the Blackberry Basil Smoothie. The smoothies are extremely thick, but easy to drink right from the bottle. They also have 22 soup recipes. My favorite was the kabocha congee. A short Google search later, and I think it is a Korean dish. The soup is squash and coconut milk-based and so delicious and filling.

What I love about Splendid Spoon- it is convenient and healthy. Those two words often do not go hand-in-hand. The last thing I have time to do when I’m running out the door is blend a smoothie. It usually ends up all over my lap on the ride to school. I love that I can keep a few smoothies in my fridge at school as quick and healthy snack options.

If you’re interested in trying Splendid Spoon, here is a coupon for $50 your first order. (Yes, way!)

Thank you, Splendid Spoon for the awesome soups and smoothies!