Mason Jar Salad Bar

Mason jars make me feel happy. I’m a boring 30-something-year-old teacher, so bear with me. The more I explore on Pinterest, the more I find. (Click here to see my Mason Jar Board)

I’m always trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to lunch. I bring the same things for lunch every day for a few months, then I switch to something new. Mason Jar Salads have always fascinated me. I do have one issue with them- you typically build an entire salad in one jar. I try to prep lunch a few days at a time, and I can’t commit to the same ingredient for the entire week. What if I don’t want cherry tomatoes on Tuesday? (Dramatic sigh) As I start a new school year, I’ve got a brand new idea- my very own ‘Mason Jar Salad Bar’. It was so fun to make my own salad for lunch. It’s the little things…

(((An idea that is best summed up in some pictures. Scroll and enjoy!)))


Add these for the perfect crunch!

Salsa Recipe

Last week, we visited the Cape with my family. Our week consisted of a great mix of dinners in and dining out at some of Falmouth’s restaurants. When it was our turn to cook, Ben and I decided to make fajitas. It was the perfect excuse for us to make our quick and easy salsa recipe. My family loves this salsa, and it yields a ton. We were snacking on chips and salsa all week! Recipe below is one step (no joke). Enjoy!


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