But, Is It Really Essential?

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About a month ago, I had the honor of connecting with Katy Ghadiyali. I was super skeptical about essential oils. (You know that ‘very apprehensive almost rude’ kind of skeptical). I just didn’t see the purpose for them beyond the fragrance. I diffuse lavender at night in our bedroom, but is it really serving any other purpose?

I spent one of my plane rides this summer reading through the Essential Oils Pocket Reference Guide. I asked Katy a ton of questions. (Apologies, because I’m assuming it was super annoying). I also Googled a lot. Search: What is a carrier oil? The coolest thing is that I learned so much about essential oils and was open to trying them in my daily life. It has been a bit like Pandora’s Box for me as I feel like I could write about it forever. That being said, for this post, I’m going to share five ways that I used oils this month.

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  1. Massage

My head was spinning immediately after starting to read some of the pocket guide that I mentioned above. I decided to do something nice. I offered to give Ben a massage using jojoba as a carrier oil and ten drops of frankincense. It smelled divine!

2. Air Freshener

My sister used to diffuse a few drops of lemon oil in her old apartment. I think this is what helped sell her place so quickly. Who wouldn’t want to purchase a home that smelled amazing? This month, I also diffused Thieves, Lavender (my old favorite), and Panaway.

3. Cleaning with thieves

I feel bad, because I think sales for Clorox are about to tank. I was, singlehandedly, the biggest consumer of Clorox wipes at home. (Self-proclaimed, that is). I was devastated when I wasn’t allowed to use them in my classroom anymore. This month I started cleaning with Thieves diluted in water. It smells fabulous and a few drops cleaned my entire kitchen. (No joke) I recently ordered some Thieve wipes and look forward to replacing my old favorites with these. I’ll circle back when cold season comes around, but my ‘oily friends’ swear by Thieves wipes.

4. Lavender to reduce stress headaches

I may have caused a few headaches in my lifetime- sorry Mom and Dad-, but I never suffered from headaches until about a year ago. They are occasional, and I’m quite certain it has to do with my hormones. That being said, I tend to tense up once I have a headache. That makes it a million times worse! This month, I had a few minor headaches and used lavender oil help ease my tension. I used jojoba oil as a carrier with the lavender and rolled it on my temple.

5. Digize

Saving the best for last! As you may know, I’ve suffered with pretty severe IBS for about a decade. Last year, my life changed when I worked with the most incredible naturopath to heal my gut and change my diet. I’ve never felt better! That being said, I still have times where I feel off. It is usually after eating a meal at a restaurant. Don’t we all feel that way once in awhile? While traveling this month, I brought Digize. I added 5 drops to my water and drank it whenever I felt icky. This stuff is absolute magic. It compliments my supplement regime perfectly. I highly recommend this oil to everyone.

Some closing thoughts- don’t let essential oils overwhelm you. Start slow and ask tons of questions. Essential oil users are never quiet about how they use oils in their everyday life. I’m excited to try more oils and see the benefits over time. I remain completely shocked at instant power of Digize. My biggest takeaway- this is a journey, and I’m just getting started.

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You can read more about the actual products I’m using by clicking here. I started with the starter kit, and I’m happy with that. The diffuser is awesome, and I haven’t even tried all the oils that come with it.

Health Warrior Chia Bars

I’m not sure about you, but I wish I had time to make my own juices, almond milk, and granola bars every week. The reality is, I don’t. Some days, I’m eating while driving. (Which I hope is not a ticketable offense). The words “quick and convenient” don’t usually coincide with the word “healthy”. The fact that I’ve enjoyed these bars for several years is the truest testament of all. They’re healthy, convenient, and tasty.

Meet Health Warrior Chia Bars! These bars have few ingredients and contain only 3 grams of sugar. These bars are real food, and that is rare to find amongst the sea of overly-processed snack bars on the market. They also have 3 grams of protein, which isn’t too shabby considering there are only 100 calories in each bar.

Why chia seeds? The ancient Tarahumara, descendents of the Aztecs, were fueled by chia seeds. Anything that has been considered healthy for that long is legitimate in my book.  Chia seeds are high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Many studies have demonstrated that chia seeds can have a positive impact on hair/skin health, digestive health, and even cardiovascular health. More importantly, they actually taste good. During the school year, my afternoon snack often consists of a Health Warrior Chia Bar and a piece of fruit. FYI, the coconut is my absolute favorite and the dark chocolate is a close second. Ben prefers the açai berry, and it’s always comical to ask him to pronounce “açai”.

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If you watch me on Instastories or Pinterest, you know that I’m a huge fan of snack bars. You also know that I’m a huge fan of understanding where my food comes from. Health Warrior was founded in 2010 by three former college athletes who quickly found themselves off the field and adjusting to a normal adulting routine. One thing remained constant, they still needed to fuel their bodies with nutrient-dense foods. They built their brand off the belief that when it comes to food, it should be quality over quantity. This is the exact reason why I don’t count calories. Instead, I aim to fuel my body with the healthiest foods possible.

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Health Warrior is offering 20% with the code twentyfiveplus5 (all lowercase letters!). I would love to know your favorite flavor!