Creating an Office Nook for Under $250!

The other day someone made reference to our “amazing house”. To be clear, Ben and I do not have a house yet. We have this fixer-upper two-bedroom condo that I got in my late-20’s. I am proud of the work I did before meeting Ben and the projects we have tackled together, like our brand new kitchen. Next up- we’ll be renovating both bathrooms this fall. Looking at houses on Zillow has become a pastime, but we both agreed that the smartest decision is to stay put for the time being and make this space work for us.

A few weeks ago, I decided I needed my own little office nook. I was sick of sitting on the floor or at the dining room table to do work. Our condo is an open-concept so our kitchen, living room, and dining room are all linked together. We moved a few pieces of furniture and suddenly I had my own wall in our living room.

The desk I settled on was moderately easy to build and very simplistic. This chair is actually a dining room chair, but it works perfectly under the desk. I love the gold legs on it and feel like it accents some of desktop decorations well. I purchased this ginger jar lamp about six months ago and had it in our dining room on top of the buffet and bar area. As soon as I put it on my new desk, I knew this is where it belongs. (Full disclosure- this isn’t included in my $250 office redo makeover budget since we already had it.)

I’ve spent 30 minutes sitting at my desk each morning for the past several weeks. I roll out here around 5:15am and start my day checking emails, planning lessons, or writing blog posts. I feel incredibly focused, and I think it is all because I have an office nook to call my own.

DIY- Wedding Signage

In early July, Ben and I had the pleasure of visiting Board and Brush in Norwalk to create signage for our wedding. It turned into one of our favorite ‘date nights’ of the summer.

I spent weeks looking through Etsy listings to find the perfect sign for our flower girl nieces to carry down the aisle on our big day. If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you got a laugh when I accidentally ordered a sign that read, “Daddy, here comes Mommy.” Awkward. It then occurred to me. Why don’t we just make our own signs? Not only was it a fun afternoon, it allowed us to make the sign look and say exactly what we wanted. Enter Board and Brush!

We arrived at the studio and were in awe of the gorgeous water views from the parking lot. Upon arriving, we found out that we would be creating two signs- our flower girl sign and another special surprise. The girls at Board and Brush generously created a design for a wooden sign with our wedding date. That sign now hangs in our living room.

What struck us right away was how they catered to each individual person. There were about 12 people in our class and no two projects were the same. The woman next to us was creating a gorgeous sign with hooks to hang coats on, while another person worked on a sign for her sun porch.

Let me tell you, it really is impossible to mess up your project. The girls running the workshop gave just the right amount of guidance as we hammered, sanded, painted, and perfected our two signs. I always wondered how people painted on DIY wooden signs. Using a stick-on template made the process virtually fool-proof. We learned different staining and painting techniques in order to achieve the look we wanted.

I really can’t wait to go back and make something else. I love deviating from the usual ‘Saturday night dinner downtown’. Board and Brush truly is the perfect place for a date night, girl’s night, or birthday celebration. Although we didn’t bring our own food and drinks, several of the other people in our class did. When we go back, I will definitely be bringing some wine and snacks.