An Ode to Friendship

I spent the weekend in Vermont celebrating my friend, Lindsay. She is getting married next month, and I get to be her Maid of Honor.

Having “girl time” always leaves my heart feeling full. And, in this case, it has left me completely exhausted with a hoarse-sounding voice. It’s been a few years since I’ve found myself in the middle of a dance floor belting out the words to “Pour Some Sugar on Me”.

As we curled our hair and got ready to go out at 10:00pm, I felt so nostalgic remembering all the good times over the years. Like the first time I skied as an adult. She took me on a blue-which I felt was a black- and I could barely keep up. I was convinced my young-twenty-something knees would blow out simultaneously. As we snacked on cookies at 3am after dancing up a storm at the Wobbly Barn, I remembered all the nights out we had over the years.

We find ourselves constantly “remembering the time when…”. My friendship with Lindsay hasn’t always been perfect, and I wasn’t always a good friend. Being able to get ‘real’ and talk about it has made me realize what true friendship is. True friendship is when you can say, “Hey, I wasn’t loyal or genuine. I was immature and got caught up in some pettiness. I’m sorry.” True friends appreciate honest and know how to forgive. True friends don’t judge you for drinking sauv blanc in a bar full of ski-obsessed beer drinkers. They also don’t judge your dance moves.

Growing into a new life-phase with a friend is special. Reminiscing is the absolute best, but thinking about the future is even more exciting.

Wednesday Wishlist-2/27/19

I can’t believe this is the last Wednesday Wishlist of February. This winter is absolutely flying by. (Thank God! Is it spring yet?) I’ve slowly been adding versatile early-spring pieces to my wardrobe. I can’t wait for the polka dot jumpsuit (pictured below) to arrive in the mail. I am going to pair it with a denim jacket and sneakers for school or dress it up with wedges to wear out. It’s on sale for under $60 this week. I’m also very excited to try these scalloped hem cropped pants. I ordered them in navy blue. I can’t wait for warmer weather and to be able to wear them with a lightweight polka dot sweater.

A bit of an aside- people have been asking me lately how I find time to manage a blog while I’m teaching full-time, planning a wedding, and trying my hardest to be a good fiancĂ© and friend to my loved ones. On school days, I don’t touch social media between the hours of 7:45am-3:00pm. That is one of the beauties of teaching- it gets my undivided attention. My key to managing the blog is twofold- First, I’m a big planner. I plan most of my blog-content on Sunday afternoon. Many of my posts are set to auto-post on my blog and social media platforms.

Then, there is reality. There are weeks like this week. It’s 9:21pm, and I literally just walked in the door after school, tutoring, a workout, and a tennis event for Ben. As exhausted as I am, I find it relaxing to sit down with a glass of kombucha (or maybe wine) and write a blog post. I’m blessed at this point in my life to be able to find 30 minutes to myself to do something I enjoy. The reality is, there might be days where I can’t get something done for TwentyFivePlusFive. (Ahem, editing my typos from yesterday’s post) And that’s okay. It’s okay, because of you all who read my posts. You are such a kick-butt positive and kind group of people. So thank you for reading, following, and understanding when I don’t write back on a DM until after school. It means the world to me.