Wednesday Wishlist- Finding My Focus

What I should have posted around May 15th- , “BRB. I’m going to be really scattered on the blog for the next few months. I’ll be spending extra time stopping to ‘smell the roses’ and marvel in all my blessings.”

So now it’s June 4th, and I’m feeling like an explanation is needed. I wish my problem was lack of content or that my creative juices weren’t ‘flowing’. But, that’s just not it. I keep a notebook of post ideas, and it is full. My computer is filled with pictures I want to share. It’s all there- scattered, disorganized- but there.

I get to marry Ben in just eight weeks! I literally beam whenever I say it aloud. I cannot believe the time has arrived- our wedding season. My days are filled with extra errands and extra special events. Like the incredibly sweet bridal shower my students gave me at school yesterday. I get choked up just talking about it.

So, thank you for following along. I appreciate every blog read, comment, pin, tweet, and like you throw my pictures across this crazy internet space. Thank you for sharing in my exciting and bearing with me as my content is a bit scattered over the next two months.

Photos by JuliaDags

I’m wearing the most comfortable and budget-friendly flats in my closet from Talaria. More on that next month as I start to share what products I’m packing for the big day.

No-Stress Wedding Planning Tips

My exact words eight months ago, “I won’t get stressed at all during wedding planning. We’re pretty low-key. This should be fun and easy! What is there to stress about?”

I have come to learn that stress and wedding planning may go hand-in-hand, especially if you want things done right- aka ‘your way’. Both Ben and I are super-relaxed people with Type A personalities. (That’s not an oxymoron, right?) I am not one of those girls who envisioned my wedding as a five year-old girl. I never daydreamed about it actually. When Ben and I got engaged, we started creating the vision together. The more we talk about our big day, the more excited I get. I get teared up just thinking about all the incredible memories we will make that day. But wow, does that vision require quite a bit of research, planning, and organizing.

So, the past two weeks, I’ve started to feel my first bit of wedding stress. (Hence my lack of blog content) Then, I share my craziness with Ben and allow myself to breathe, take a step back, and reflect. When all is said and done, a wedding is about a promise, a marriage, and a lifetime- not a party. Regardless, I will probably still send a dozen emails about our macaroon tower and make fifteen trips to CVS to print photos. I may even have a hissy-fit if our Chiavari chairs don’t work at our venue. But, in that chaos, is so much excitement. I don’t want stress to put a damper on that excitement. At the end of the day, I am grateful- beyond grateful.

On top my Top 3 tips to minimize wedding planning stress…

Tip #1- Utilize AMAZON and ETSY

I seriously thought my mom was going to have a mild heart-attack when I told her I was ordering my shoes from Amazon and considering getting my veil off Etsy. Utilizing both sites is a great way to save money. I am a shoe-gal, and I appreciate a great designer shoe. (I did get a pair of Manolos as a graduation gift.) That being said, I wanted my wedding shoes to be comfortable and functional. I have always admired Badgley Mischka’s bridal shoes. I used Amazon Prime Wardrobe to order four pairs of bridal shoes. I ended up with a gorgeous pair of bridal wedges and saved about $70 off the original price.

We ordered both of our flower-girl dresses from Etsy. They are absolutely adorable, and were less than $60! I am still debating where I will get my veil, but I do have an Etsy one in my current shopping cart. (Mom, if you’re reading this, we can talk about it. Don’t worry.)

Tip #2- Make a master list

Ben made me sit down and write out all the things we had to do for the wedding. We put the list in order from urgent to last-minute details. As silly as it sounds, it has been so helpful to see the list. It feels much more manageable.

Tip #3- Book “The Big Things”

Whenever people ask how wedding-planning is going, I usually respond with, “We’re having a blast, but there is still so much to do!” To which people usually say, “Do you have a caterer? Band? Photographer/Videographer? Church?” I respond “Yes!” to all of those questions. They usually follow-up with something like, “You’re all set then!” The reality is, we already have the ‘big’ things booked. Once you have ‘the big things booked, you should breathe a sigh of relief.