Memories and Anticipations

Writing this post is bittersweet for me. 2018 was oh-so-good to me. As I reminisce back with my Top 5 Memories from 2018, I’m also looking forward and sharing my Top 5 Anticipations for 2019. As always, thanks for following along on my journey!

2018 Top 5

Getting Engaged

Ben caught me completely off guard the night he proposed, June 2, 2017. He recreated our first date, and left me speechless. (Shocking, I know.) I still can’t believe he managed to pull off the greatest surprise of my life like that. You can read more about it in this blog post.    It still seems surreal that I get to be Ben’s wife in less than eight months.

Going to Paris

We went to Paris for 5 days and just spent time getting lost in all its beauty.

Going to Disney World with Ben’s family

In February, I had the flu five days before we left for Disney. (Talk about perfect-timing, right?) This was our first time in Disney together, and it was such a blast. Fun fact- I get horrible motion-sickness on rides. I consider the Barnstormer a thrill-ride.

Vegas Trip

Ben woke me up at 3am to tell me that we were going “somewhere” and to pack clothes for 60ish degree temps. He kept the surprise going until we walked up to the departure gate at Laguardia. As if the trip to Vegas wasn’t enough, Ben got us front-row seats to see Britney Spears and managed to make all my middle-school dreams come true in one weekend.

Isabelle’s 1st Birthday

My niece turned 1 on January 2, 2018. The year she was born, 2017, was the most life-changing year I have ever had as an adult. Celebrating her first birthday was really emotional. She is a constant bright light in my life!

2019 Top 5

Our Wedding

July 27, 2019…we. cannot. wait!

My Best Friend’s Wedding

I will be traveling to Belize in April to celebrate the wedding of my friend Lindsay to her fiancè, John. I cannot wait to be back in paradise celebrating their love!

Our Honeymoon

We’re going to Italy and Greece in early August for our honeymoon. I love traveling with Ben, and it will be our first time in Greece.

Completing My First Whole30

Initially, I didn’t want to tell anyone about my Whole30 goals for fear that I would fail miserably. (Just trying to keep it real, and for real, I cannot keep a secret. So here I am, professing my cliché goal for January.) We’re doing it January 2-February 1 (and beyond). As you may know, I’ve struggled with GI and inflammatory issues for years. I stopped eating dairy about 18 months ago, but recently I’ve noticed my symptoms start to creep up again as I’ve been making some poor food choices. (Lots of wine, bagels, and dairy-free treats). Honestly, I’ve felt bloated for about 2 months. I’m hoping the Whole30 will be just the reset I need to push myself forward to a healthier 2019.


I started TwentyFivePlusFive in April 2018, and I can’t wait to celebrate 1-year in April 2019. Thanks for reading my ramblings and supporting my growing hobby. More importantly, thank you for commenting and interacting with my writing- it means the world to me.

Two Easy DIY Gifts

A special shout-out to my loved ones who will be receiving the gifts mentioned below. Rest assured, these gifts were not last minute. I’ve been busy prepping and tying bows for weeks. That being said, these giftscan be made very last minute.

  1. We ordered personalized wine labels from Etsy . I spent under $10 for 8 labels, and they shipped fast. Since you’re most likely in a crunch for time if your’e reading this, you can easily buy a PDF file from Etsy and print your own. I purchased budget-friendly wine at the liquor store and then soaked the labels off in cool water. I added a simple gold bow to make them look more festive. These are perfect hostess gifts. Since my extended family is so big, we don’t gift-give for adults anymore. I still like to get a little something for my cousins, and this is the perfect small Christmas token.  

2. Who doesn’t love chocolate this time of year? I saw these on Pinterest last month. Since I’m the Queen of Pinterest Fails, these seemed like a safe bet. I printed these tags from Etsy  after an emotional visit to the Staples Print Center. In a nutshell, it took me 45 minutes to print 3 sheets of labels. (It’s all good though. I’m not bitter. Nor is there any sarcasm in the previous comments.) I will be attaching these to a few gifts and giving them out to a few coworkers at school. These are also perfect for the little ones I tutor for in the afternoons.