Wednesday Wishlist- 1/9/19

For the first time, I feel like winter is finally here. I’m not happy about it! I’m linking a few of my cold-weather essentials. These OTK boots are under $50 and perfect for anyone not wanting to invest in a pricy pair of OTK boots. I’m linking similar budget-friendly options for this green jacket I bought several years ago. All my teacher-friends: this is the perfect recess duty jacket.

Wednesday Wishlist 1/9/19

Dining Room Upgrade

This fall, we started looking for a new dining room table. I use the word ‘we’ lightly as I really was the driving force behind the dining room upgrade. We’re sort of in an odd place when it comes to our home. Our condo has all the space we need for right now, but we don’t envision staying here too much longer. We’ve done some upgrades recently- a new kitchen (you can read more about that here), new doors, upgraded light fixtures, and crown molding.

Back to the dining room…We wanted a farmhouse style table that would withstand some wear and tear. We also wanted something that was big enough to fit 8-10 people when needed. I browsed countless Etsy shops, and then, a coworker casually said, “Ask Cori about that. I think her and her boyfriend make tables.” Cori teaches two classrooms down from me. Needless to say, they don’t just ‘make tables’. Cori and her boyfriend craft gorgeous, custom-made pieces of furniture. Check out their Etsy Shop, UnderDogCrafters. to see for yourself.

We are absolutely loving our new dining room table. World Market has some awesome upholstered chairs, and they are really great quality for the price. I’m still dreaming of the Carson Side Chairs from Serena and Lilly, but perhaps we will wait until our cat stops ruining all the furniture to invest in them.