Reusable Lunch Necessities

Earth Day was earlier this week, but, isn’t everyday Earth Day? (Deep thoughts…) Ben’s mom gave us the neatest bamboo utensil set that I just had to share with you all. I’m often guilty of overusing plastic utensils. This spring, I’m looking forward to reducing the number of plastic utensils I use. #goals

You will always find me with a reusable water bottle in hand. These Swig bottles are my favorite- I love the vibrant colors and the colors are awesome.

Best Multifunctional Dresses & Rompers

That was the shortest title I could think of for today’s post. Maybe it’s the island air impacting my brain. I’m still in Belize on the island for a few more days hanging with my friends before heading home for Easter weekend. I will be sharing the full details of my trip later next week. (Stay tuned- it’s been quite an incredible adventure.)

I always keep my closet fully-stocked with Lilly dresses during the spring and summer months. I purchase most of my Lilly pieces during their twice-yearly sale. I find that I can wear my Lilly dresses and rompers for a wide-variety of occasions. Once I changed out of my bridesmaid’s dress, I wore one of them to the beach reception the other night. I was comfortable and cool dancing all night long.This spring, I am loving the “Sway this Way” print as it more subtle with blues and whites. The “Jessalyne Wrap Romper” is another favorite piece of mine. I wore my bright palm print romper to the rehearsal and felt like I fit in perfectly. There is nothing like blending in with your surroundings.

I am also sharing a few of my other favorite pieces that work for nearly any occasion, including, work. In the picture below, I’m carrying the most versatile and fabulous clutch from The Monogram Corner.