Wedding Skin Prep

I started my wedding skin prep about six months ago with the guidance of Dr. Klein at Modern Dermatology. She is, hands-down, the best-of -the-best. I truly would not trust my face with anyone else. If you are interested in injectables or a photofacial, I would highly suggest visiting a dermatologist- not a medispa or other professional. I trusted Dr. Klein 110% to help get my skin ready for our big day. My main goals were to get rid of the redness in my skin, even my overall skin tone, and minimize the dark circles under my eyes. I knew that Dr. Klein’s approach would be conservative.

*Pardon my crazy-looking expression. These photos are supposed to show the disappearance of glabellar lines.

Over the course of six months, I underwent 3 intense-pulsed light treatments (sometimes known as a ‘photofacial’), received filler under my eyes, and had Jeuveau injections in my forehead. It was definitely a work-in progress. With each IPL treatment, Dr. Klein took images of my face using the Visia. This machine was able to pinpoint red and brown spots on my face. Then, Dr. Klein targeted those areas during the IPL treatment. I literally watched the spots disappear over the course of the three treatments. If you are interested in learning more about IPL, you can see this post and video.

I’ve tried other cosmetic skin procedures in the past; including microdermabrasion and consistent facials. I never really noticed a major improvement in the appearance of my skin. That being said, my experience with IPL far surpassed my expectations. After my third treatment, I noticed a significant difference in the overall appearance of my skin. I still notice this difference in my skin everyday. I’ve had numerous friends stop and ask me what kind of foundation or powder I’m using. They are in shock when I share that I just use a tinted moisturizer. IPL causes your skin to create a new layer. Sun exposure should be avoided afterwards as it can damage the skin. The reality is, if you’re exposing your skin to the sun, you’re damaging it. I find myself under a hat with a heavy SPF whenever I’m outside these days. I want to protect my investment since Dr. Klein and I spent a lot of time working on these results!

There was a bit of down-time after my visits to Dr. Klein. I never felt like I had to hide at home as I even attended a blogger’s event immediately following one of my IPL treatments. During my last visit, I received filler, Jeuveau, and an IPL treatment. I went to work the next day with a swollen face but was able to hide it underneath my glasses. A week later, my skin was healed and glowing. Bottom line- everyone’s skin responds differently. For me, I didn’t feel like I had to hide while I healed.

The video below shows Dr. Klein injecting my forehead with Jeuveau.

Three Weeks after my last visit to Dr. Klein- no face make-up

Say what you will about filler or injectables, but I absolutely love the results and have zero regrets. To be completely honest, I had some negative feedback from real-life friends. Comments like, “Oh you’re pretty without all that!” or “Oh no! Now you’re going to have to get injections every six months! You won’t be able to live without it.” All I have to say is this- I liked the way I looked before. Yes, it will wear-off in a few months, but, by no means does it require any sort of up-keep. My face isn’t going to cave in and shrivel up if I don’t go back in six months. It’s not like I bleached my hair and will have dark roots showing through if I don’t continually maintain at the salon. I do plan to repeat the treatments sometime in the future. When? Whenever the time feels right. I couldn’t be happier with the results I achieved through Dr. Klein’s meticulous and conservative work.

Happy Rescueversary, Delaney!

In my younger days, I was very spontaneous. One hot, July afternoon, I dragged my friend Sarah to the animal shelter to look for a dog. As soon as we walked in, one of the workers had me deep in conversation.

“You don’t want a dog,” she insisted.

“Yes, I’m pretty sure I want a dog,” I kept saying.

“You’re 23 years-old. You don’t want to be bogged down by a dog. Let me show you what you want instead,” she said, taking me into a small room.

This small room was filled, floor-to-ceiling, with cages. Inside the cages were cats of all ages, sizes, and color.

“Ew!” I said, a bit repulsed. “I’m afraid of cats. I definitely don’t want one of those!”

I don’t exactly remember what happened next, but all I know is that fifteen minutes later I was signing the paperwork for the cutest little jet black kitten. The worker had to pry her out of my arms when it was time to leave the shelter.

Post-college, I moved back to Connecticut but settled in New Haven, a city about an hour north from where I grew up and currently live today. I spent two years living next door to one of my best friends from growing up and frequenting our favorite neighborhood watering hole whenever she wasn’t stuck working during her residency. Delaney is named after that favorite watering hole. Imagine peanut-shells everywhere and cheap drinks- that was Delaney’s.

I’m sure you’ve probably noticed Delaney lurking around in my stories or heard me joke about how she loathes me. (Which is half-true.) Since Ben has come into our lives, Delaney has certainly chosen him as her “person”. Anytime I go near Ben, she tends to scratch me or bite my legs. Seriously- every. damn. time.

She is quite naughty, having torn through THREE (yes, three) couches over the past 9 years. Once, I returned home from a weekend trip to find her INSIDE the back of the couch. She had torn the entire back off the couch and crawled inside. There was even one time where she escaped onto the roof of my old house while I tried to install a window air-conditioner. She refused to come inside for three hours and completely enjoyed watching me freak-out about the entire situation. Our old chocolate lab was terrified of her, and rightfully so. She would pounce on him out of nowhere.

Anytime I think I’m exaggerating Delaney’s horrific behavior, we visit the vet and he reiterates how difficult she is. He even wants to put her on Prozac to make her less of a liability when we have guests over. Her chart is plastered with red CAUTION stickers, and it usually takes two angelic vet techs to pry her from the crate. Someone usually leaves the visit bleeding.

Then, I think about what Delaney represents in my life. For nearly a decade, she’s been here whenever I get home. She has been with me through the ups-and-downs of my twenties and welcomed Ben into our lives in our early thirties. I got into a pretty bad car accident just four days after rescuing Delaney. I’ll never forget how she sat by my feet while I recovered on the couch. She never left my side.

Although I really wanted a dog that day nine years ago, I’m pretty darn happy that I ended up with Delaney instead.