20-Minute Meatballs

**I need to preface this by saying, YES, these are Whole30 complaint, Paleo, GF, DF, etc, but the reality is- they are also really delicious***

Yesterday I prepped these quick and easy meatballs before I headed to the gym for spin class. There are few ingredients, but this recipe packs tons of flavor and is super easy to make. You can make your own sauce, but for the sake of time, I just used our favorite (and Whole30 compliant) Rao’s sauce. I served them with spaghetti squash, and we plan on using the leftovers for dinner later this week. (Scroll to the bottom for full recipe)

I found these in the frozen section at Trader Joe’s- $5.99 for 16ounces.
Our favorite ground pork from Whole Foods

Two Easy DIY Gifts

A special shout-out to my loved ones who will be receiving the gifts mentioned below. Rest assured, these gifts were not last minute. I’ve been busy prepping and tying bows for weeks. That being said, these giftscan be made very last minute.

  1. We ordered personalized wine labels from Etsy . I spent under $10 for 8 labels, and they shipped fast. Since you’re most likely in a crunch for time if your’e reading this, you can easily buy a PDF file from Etsy and print your own. I purchased budget-friendly wine at the liquor store and then soaked the labels off in cool water. I added a simple gold bow to make them look more festive. These are perfect hostess gifts. Since my extended family is so big, we don’t gift-give for adults anymore. I still like to get a little something for my cousins, and this is the perfect small Christmas token.  

2. Who doesn’t love chocolate this time of year? I saw these on Pinterest last month. Since I’m the Queen of Pinterest Fails, these seemed like a safe bet. I printed these tags from Etsy  after an emotional visit to the Staples Print Center. In a nutshell, it took me 45 minutes to print 3 sheets of labels. (It’s all good though. I’m not bitter. Nor is there any sarcasm in the previous comments.) I will be attaching these to a few gifts and giving them out to a few coworkers at school. These are also perfect for the little ones I tutor for in the afternoons.